Photo by Lucy Foley

Photo by Lucy Foley

About Sarah Hubbard

Sarah Hubbard likes to wear dangly earrings and lay on the ground while clouds drift easily across the sky.

She creates if she is awake.

She writes, she takes pictures, she daydreams...

She talks to spiders, birds, and worms.

She sits quietly against a pine tree sometimes. Other times she meanders slowly gazing at the ground.

She loves children and hangs out with them whenever she can.

She meditates and read obsessively to learn the way of stillness - of silence.

She lives in Athens, GA where her roots run deep like a wolf tree.

A true southerner she enjoys iced sweet tea under the pines with her two children and her beloved husband DirtPunk.

She is a self diagnosed pathological earth lover and like her teachers, the trees, she is always reaching towards the light while standing firmly planted in the soil that surrounds her.

Sarah offers workshops and mentoring for all ages on Deep Nature Connection, Cultivating Naturalist Skills, Mentoring, Herbal Crafting, Stillness Practices, and Program Development for Educators and Organizations.

To inquire about her offerings please email