Bird Sense

An Introduction to Bird Watching

April 14, 2018 10:00am - 2:00 pm Soulshine 525 Howard Ave; Decatur GA

Are you curious who that bird you see is every day on your walk home is? Or who sings that beautiful song every night at dusk? Perhaps you already love birds and simply want to know more about them and who is coming to your feeder. Birds are endlessly entertaining. Everything they do is about their survival and yet, they do it in a way that (at least looking at) seems effortless and beautiful. Their simple lives are fascinating and they willingly share their world with us. All we have to do is listen and watch closely. In this class we will explore: Learning the steps to easily identify your bird neighbors Bird Behavior and other Animal Species Behaviors Habitats and Food Sources A Brief introduction to Bird Language and Alarms (Birds are the gossips of the Natural World) How to attract more birds into your life Spend a Saturday in an intimate class setting while exploring the world of birds with Naturalist, Storyteller, and Nature Connection Mentor Sarah Hubbard.

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