Gratitude for a New Year

I am not a maker of New Year's Resolutions.

I am by my very nature a goal oriented person, so New Year's Resolutions hang me up when I set my goals too lofty or set too many of them or life gets in the way and I can't complete everything I want to do.  Instead, I take one goal at a time and as they have value to me.  That is what works for me.

However, I know many people love the feeling of looking forward to a New Year filled with possibility, so for those of you who thrive by making a New Year's List I love the suggestion from A Network of Gratefulness on Turning New Year's Resolutions into Revelations.  

The writer of this online article suggest that Resolutions often come from a mindset of scarcity.  Law of Attraction says when we focus on what we don't have rather than what we want we attract more of what we don't have.. More Gratitude is good.  It is good for our mental health, it is good for our physical health, and it makes present moment easier to be engaged in.  

There are some tools for list making, suggestions of things to do through the year to cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude, and some self care in here as well!


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