How Raptors Hunt

Something I spend a lot of time thinking about is making sense of the never ending story happening right in my neighborhood.  Every new piece of information that helps me to better understand my neighbors helps me make sense of the story.  It deepens my awareness for a new layer to reveal itself to me.  And, because birds are such an vital part of the story the more I can come to know the general behaviors of different species the better I understand and recognize the individuals living in my neighborhood.  Raptors are awesome.  They are powerful.  They have great vision.  And, the are hard to recognize.  Thankfully, much of their behavior helps to at least narrow down who is who.

This is an article from Audubon on using different Raptor behaviors to know who is who when you see one.  

Birdest Rule #93: Understand How Different Raptors Are Built To Hunt Their Prey


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