Power of a Meaningful Life

I recently mentioned in my post, 'Why Are We So Unhappy' that I have been considering the word happiness and the pursuit of happiness as an endeavor that has troubled my spirit for a long time.  In my never ending quest for happiness I forget to enjoy moments of growth, grief, and presence because I have believed that in the pursuit of happiness there is always a way to make it better verses just enjoying it as it is.  I cannot enjoy things because something more awesome is always just around the corner.  (Jason Silva's video speaks to the paradox of our pursuit as a species of happiness in a way I really enjoy.)  

This Article, from Scientific American, is an interview with journalist Emily Esfahani Smith about the pursuit of happiness verses the pursuit of meaning.  

This is not to say that I don't enjoy moments of happiness.  I certainly do, but I find myself no longer seeking it over other feelings and experiences.  I long to feel content or peaceful or to have a meaningful life.  The simple process of releasing myself from my attachment to happiness has surprisingly brought me an immense amount of joy and satisfaction..

The Power of a Meaningful Life


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