Discovery III

From Vimeo: (Because sometimes we just need reminding this planet is astoundingly beautiful)

Discovery III

Two years ago I started a journey into timelapse photography and in turn started this series Discovery. Working on this personal project has meant a lot to me. I wanted to push myself in both my creativity but also connect more with the outdoors.

Discovery III revisits familiar places from the first two films but also many new ones. A journey through the seasons from the lush waterfalls of Oregon to the fall colors of Colorado to remote alpine lakes and even snow covered Eastern Sierras.

Searching for a song is one of the most difficult things when making a film. You want it to complement the visuals and help move the story along. I settled on a song by Ryan Taubert called “Becoming Human”. The heavy orchestral component and flow of the song lended its self well for the combination of timelapse and aerial video.

Discovery I:

Discovery II:

I hope you enjoy the film and feel free to share!

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