Walking For Peace

I recently had the pleasure of wandering the forest a dear friend and peace activist wanders daily.  I met this friend years ago and she has been a continual inspiration to me over the years being a true activist for peace - sometimes walking for days with a Buddhist Monk and Nun in protest of war.  She has been on the front lines in protest of the School of America's, stands at the Arches when War is Not the Answer, dresses in black to mourn those who die in war, and never once have I heard her complain or be angry about the injustices people in who live in our world constantly face.  She simply believes in love and has faith that peace is the answer.  And, she has been a great inspiration to me - though I have not yet mastered the way she carries herself.  (She assures me I will get there - maybe we all will)

I came across this video about Satish Kumar who walked from India to Washington DC as a peace activist with no money, but instead as a pilgrim for peace.  In this brief video he talks about diversity.  As the seasons turn us ever onward towards Spring I continually come back to diversity.  There is much diversity in a handful of soil, of compost, of the forest, of the garden.  There is not just one type of mammal or reptile or bird.. We all make the world beautiful and we contribute a little differently, but that doesn't make one better or worse than another.  As I listen to Satish Kumar talk I see the peace my friend carries within himself also.  It's a look in the eyes.  There is no anger (not that anger is necessarily less desirable than peace - it also serves its purpose) but there is a lot of empathy and understanding that it takes practice and we have to want to see the beauty in the diversity of life.

Now, go out and take a walk and absorb the richness that grows and lives around you - whether you are walking on the street or in the woods.  It is all our neighborhood.

Walking for Peace


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