Patterns in Nature

When deepening connection and practicing awareness skills we become more aware of the patterns in nature.  The seasons become more pronounced and obvious.  We easily note the buds on the trees and come to expect the Daffodils to bloom in early February.  Or in the fall as the first cool crisp night that just blew in from the north that any day now the trees will be covered in beautiful shades of reds and browns.  These are easily observed patterns.  There are patterns every where we look.  Raccoons, like us, have personalities AND they have things that most raccoons do - like hang out near water.  Monarch Butterflies typically seek certain types of plants so we can plant them to attract them.  Birds use certain types of materials specific to their species to build nests.  All of these are patterns.  The more patterns we come to know and recognize the more the natural world opens itself to us - the more realize how deeply we are all connected to it - how like mirrors like.

This is a video from the Science and Nature Page off of Facebook.  The music is terrible, but the similarities of the patterns beautiful and worth watching.

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