Attracting Birds

People often ask me - being an obsessive bird watcher - if I have bird feeders what kind of seed do I use.

Of course I have bird feeders.  I probably have too many of them for the small space of my yard, but that's okay.. The more the merrier.

My favorite type of bird seed is just plain old Black Oil Sunflower Seeds and I provide Suet in the winter months.  I have, over the years, had many different types of bird feeders and have settled on the No/No Bird Feeder as my favorite.  I have not found a bird feeder that actually keeps squirrels out, but these feeders at least make them work for their food a little harder.  You also absolutely have to provide water and you have to keep the water fresh - maybe not changing your bird bath daily, but at least weekly.  I dump mine every other day and refill it - even in winter.  In the summer I have more water available by using platters I picked up at the flea market.  (The squirrels knock these over so I generally keep them pretty close to the ground).

Today's article from Birds and Bloom Magazine is about what to feed birds, the differences between the many options out there. as well as, what to consider when looking at bird feeders.  Who you want and don't want in your neighborhood has a lot to do with the shape of the feeder and the type of seed you use.

Best Birdseed to Feed Backyard Birds


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