Foraging Responsibly

As an Nature Mentor, Gardener, and Novice Forager one of the things I think a lot about it how I forage and the impact my foraging does in the environment I'm taking it from.  With foraging and re-wilding all the rage and in such high fashion more and more people are taking up foraging 'in case we end up back in survival times.' It is also novel and fun to have new foods that you brought home from a hike included in your evening meal.  However, I see people learning the plants that are edible and not always considering the impact harvesting those plants can have on the life span of the said plant as well as the environment they are a part of.  I am all for using wild foods for dinner and I use them to make herbal medicines and salves myself, but before I cut the first plant I know how to do it, how I'm going to use it, how much is safe to take, and when the best time to take it is and most importantly I have permission from both the plant and the land owner.  I strongly encourage you to do the same.

Today's article is a post from Edible Manhattan that touches on both, the sustainability of foraging and the ethics.  Bonus?  Marie Viljoen also shares some yummy ways to cook up what you find.

Foragers: We Need Creative, Sustainable Ways to Conserve Vulnerable Wild Edibles


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