I seldom pass a dandelion seed head without picking it, blowing on it, and making a wish.  I feel it is simply my duty to do so.  

Dandelion is a useful plant in the garden, in the kitchen, and for animal husbandry.  As a tap root it helps break up soil, as a medicinal it cures what ails you, and as a green it is a nutritious addition to the salad bowl, not to mention the flowers are edible and pretty also.  Every part of the dandelion is useful.

This is a link to learn about our neighbor Dandelion from A Modern Herbal (my personal go to webpage for all things herbal)


And this my friends, is a time lapse of a Dandelion from flower to seed.

Dandelion Time Lapse

Now, your task today, go outside and see if you can find a dandelion.  If you are lucky enough to find a seed head pick it up and blow it and make a wish!  Anything is possible!


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