The Trap of Self Improvement

"...Here’s how the trap works: Setting a goal of a better self calls forth wanting. Wanting calls forth striving. Striving calls forth judging. And judging becomes a way of life that brings a critical orientation to everything:..."

This may very well be my new favorite article.  Like learning Solitude and the importance of it, or the idea that of always striving for Happiness, I can probably wax on the detrimental philosophy of self improvement all day long.  I see it everywhere - literally.. Whether it is in magazine ads, courses to take to 'Live a Better Life', or just in general conversation with friends who feel like they are 'Working' on themselves.  To be clear, I see nothing wrong with recognizing patterns that can improve the quality of one's life and being self aware enough to see when your actions aren't quite as integral as they could be, but to constantly be working on yourself.. I see the harm in that all around me.  Our self worth seems to be at an all time low.  We're talking about living in passions, following our bliss, the giving of gifts and if our gifts aren't as awesome as yours.. well, then, there is work to be done.. Or if it doesn't come as easily for one as it does the other then there must be something wrong with the way your manifesting, so you must have some doubt and you must have some unresolved grief you have yet to sort out - which could totally be true - it could also simply be the way it is because something else in your life has more of your attention.  You probably don't feel your own self worth because you're busy comparing yours to others who seem further 'on the journey' and the truth is they are being challenged by all the same traps as you..  

I know the trap.. Judging myself because I did something wrong and going into a pit of despair because I just wasn't my most awesome self or being held to a standard of being no one is truly capable of.  Guess what?  You are already awesome.  Improve your heart and stay present.  If you do your best in all situations then that is enough.  When you don't ask yourself why and then move on..

How to Avoid the Trap of Self-Improvement

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