Spider Hunters

One of my missions in mentoring is convincing people that spiders are super cool.  They 'give us the creeps' because they hide and hunt and some of them can even kill us.  (In Georgia we only have to worry about the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse - both of which are not fatal if treated). 

Spiders stalk their prey or set up traps for them and the animals within us fear those that silently stalk us to hurt us or those that spring upon us unknowingly.. These actions on the human level can be devastating and often hurtful which is unfortunate.  Spiders are not humans hunting one another over ego.  In fact, spiders are some of the deadliest hunters on our planet helping greatly to control insect populations everywhere they live.  I would invite you to see them more as the black leopard, who also hides in the shadows, as a bold and beautiful species on our earth.  

Consider this science.. According to this article from Live Science Spiders Eat Up to 880 Million TONS of Insects a Year.  Think about that the next time you squash a perfectly useful spider lurking in the corner of your home.

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