Five Ways Feeling Good Can Be Bad For Us

Reading this headline I feel tense inside.  Unsure if sharing my thoughts on this are safe, but I am going to plunge right on into it and be bold.

I am greatly concerned in the state of attachment to always feeling good and being happy.  This is not a new idea I have shared.  It is my feeling being able to navigate the full gamut of emotions in a wholesome way is very important and being allowed to feel the full range of emotions we possess in a wholesome was is critical to our humanity.  I once believed that if I wasn't always happy I was not living fully up to the potential I have.  Somehow, I was falling short.  And, I was always - and I do mean always falling just short of true happiness.  I was continually working on being happy and feeling like something was wrong with me when I was angry or hurt or having uncomfortable feelings.  Trying to always be happy kept me from enjoying and being in joy in luscious moments because there was something that could be better or different.  I was manifesting until my eyes were going to pop out of my head and I was completely missing the point of it all.   I was missing the raw emotion of my anger, sadness, anxiety.  When I chose to boldly express my anger and disappointment I was told it doesn't look good on me.  It isn't supposed to, but I wasn't unkind.  I was truthful and owning my feelings as my own.  

Anger, sadness, tension, frustration.. they as much as joy, happiness, wonder let us know there is something happening we should give our awareness to.  It determines what is working for us and what isn't.  It is not necessarily someone else's job to make it right for you, but it is something to note and observe within yourself to decide what your role in it will be.  How we deal with our emotions is what matters. 

Feeling sadness, tension, anxiety, these are all part of the language of self. Listening to them and experiencing them as they come is what I believe to be 'Good for Us'.  I certainly want to be present to my experience and if an emotion is up that is not in line with what is happening then it is something to explore about self and the relationship with the circumstances that brought you to anger.  This is where the power in manifesting lies.  This is being focused on what you want and learning to interpret the signs within that are constantly trying to have you stay true to your goals and desires.  Feel it all.  Learn to understand yourself and listen.. You already have the answers.

From the Greater Good Science Center:Five Ways Feeling Good is Bad for You.


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