A Case for Silence

In a world where busy lives and stress the the calendar it is becoming more and more important to find periods of quiet spaces to clear the clutter so you can listen to yourself truly think..  You know, that classic voice that whispers just below the surface of all of your actions?  The one that helps guide you along as you age if you listen to it?  We have the ability to be connected to the entire world right at our fingertips all the time and thus, we have to make the effort to disengage and rest our weary thinking minds.  We should seek those quiet spaces and places and learn to be still with ourselves.  

I am obviously a fan of silence.  Though true silence is nearly impossible to find a quiet place is not so hard.  I was having a conversation with a young friend just the other night and told her in my own journey I have tried so many different methods to find my faith and my connection.  Sit Spot - Nature Connection - was what worked for me and continues to work for me, but getting to a point where I simply slip into it did not come easily.  I jokingly said to her, 'I was about 100 days in before I began to hear the whispers on the wind and began to understand what the sages and masters were speaking of when they say we have to quiet the mind.'

Quieting the mind is not so much about actually having a 'quiet mind', it is more subtle than that.  Our minds do what they do.. we think.. It is more learning to decipher what is truth and what is story and letting the thoughts come and go.. Learning to listen when it matters.. And, nothing gets us to that point without seeking out silent places within our lives.

This article from the Harvard Review makes the case for silence influencing not only a more whole you, but also a more creative and functional you.  

The Busier you Are, the More You Need Quiet Time


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