It's a Kind World After All

I think about how we as humans use words a lot.  One of the theme words I hear is that we are going to make the world a better place.  I wonder what that means exactly since we are unable to truly predict the future.  Sure, we can reason out outcomes of our actions and assume we are making things better, but what is better?  I try to steer clear of saying I am making the world a better place personally.  Instead, I try to say things like I am doing my best and hoping to inspire others to be their best.  My hope is not a world that is a better place but instead a world that is a more wholesome place to live and exist in this season of being human.  

Most people I talk to worry for the state of our world and most are motivated to try to do their best and give what they have got.  On the large, most people I know seem to think things are in a downward spiral and things are just getting worse (though again - I am caught in a language trap of better and worse).. none the less, like most people I, too, worry for what this world will be like for my children as they grow into adults.

Thank goodness for this list from the Huffington Post that actually shows the numbers that kindness is actually on the rise and maybe - just maybe - we can see that all of us doing our best is possibly paying off.  

These Numbers Prove It's a Kind World After All


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