Identifying Hawks

Hopefully, if you are observing the songs and signs of Spring you have seen more hawks as they are busy pairing up and rearing young.  People often ask me how I identify Hawks.  I don't always know how I know the difference between a Cooper's Hawk or a Sharp Shin Hawk.  For me, it is largely determined by the nature of the alarms they create.  Soaring hawks are a little easier and yet.. you've actually got to get a decent look at them to figure out who they are. 

This is a quick article from Audobon on Identiifying Red Tailed Hawks - it's a starting point at least if you can determine whether you're looking at a Red Tail or Red Shouldered if you can figure out it is Red Tailed or not.  They have different hunting patterns so identfying them helps to also narrow down their alarms and the bird language they create around us.

Oh... I get so geeky..

Six Quick Questions to Help You Identify Red Tailed Hawks

Now, get out there and see what you see!


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