Why Bird Watch?

Birds.  Birds are everywhere.  You don't have to actually go anywhere special to experience them and observe them.  They sing beautiful songs.  They fly.  They are highly adaptable.  What isn't there to love about Birds?  

When I first started on my journey into Nature Connection I was gifted the name 'Chickadee' as my 'Nature Name'.  I immediately had no idea what a chickadee was, but it didn't even matter.  The name stuck.  Now, many of my friends call me Chickadee.  I typically invite most people I meet to feel free to call me either Chickadee or Sarah - whichever they feel most comfortable with.  It is interesting to me who chooses to call me Chickadee.  The next morning after this name was bestowed and accepted I sauntered off to my first 'official' sit spot as a student in Nature Connection and Mentoring.  

As I settled into my cozy nook on the bank of a quiet creek the Chickadees and the Titmouse came in right over me.  It was completely overwhelming and mesmerizing at the same time.  I had no idea who the birds were, but there was nothing more beautiful to me in that moment than hearing Chickadee come right out of the chickadees beak just over me - Chickadee.  It was incredible in that moment.  The birds were my people.  They were calling me by my name.  Were they listening last night?  I had come home.

As my friend Evan called us back to the circle with his Crow Call he asked me about the Chickadees who were checking me out.  Evan shared a little about his observations of my experience - he told me about bird language..

That was it.  That was the defining moment for me.  That was the day I became a birder.  I wanted to experience that every day of my life.  I took on a 30 day sit spot challenge which became a way of life.

6 years later I know Chickadees are relatively common birds that are everywhere making noise and saying their name all over the place.  My experience that day in the woods was not an uncommon experience and I still crave it and see it as magical every time they arrive at my feeders.  The only difference now is I can call them by name because I know them - literally.  Welcome Tom, welcome Joy, Welcome Bobby.

Nothing has changed for me in how I view the birds.  They are still my people.  They are common birds who have personalities and lives - each is an individual just like me.  Best of all?  They still bring me an immense amount of joy.  If I get a pass from the birds I feel like I have landed in some foreign space where I get special privileges from the fine royal court.  It's like being a princess (which is what Sarah means) in a fairy tale that I never tire of being a part of.  

The best part for me of the fairy tale is I can have this experience anywhere all I have to do is be quiet and watch.  When I am quiet and watch my thoughts clear out, my heart becomes more open, and I feel content - alive.

This is why I bird watch and why I feed the birds.  In my own neighborhood of my yard I welcome my feathered friends so we can get to know each other and live in a somewhat harmony (I have cats who have to be reminded from time to time that we do not eat the birds.)

Today's article is a piece from Birds and Blooms on Attracting Birds.  I think life is nothing but richer and connection is more pure when we watch the birds.. Their way of existing only opens us up to joy.

Why Feed Birds?