How to photograph birds

When I finally switched over to a smart phone - and to say I was reluctant was an understatement - the selling point was the camera.  iPhones and other smart phones boast these incredible cameras that do almost as much (with the right know how) as my fancy point and shoot.  I take a lot of pictures.  And I mean a lot of pictures.  Over the years, with practice I get better at taking pictures.  Birds are by far one of the hardest images to capture well - at least for me they are.  That does not, however, stop me from at least trying to capture them in their personalities when I have the opportunity.  I am by no means professional - I consider myself a novice, but I am always looking to improve..

Auduban is here to help with this article:

How to Photograph Birds With Your Smartphone

I downloaded the PhotoExpress app which I like a lot after reading this.  I was already using Leafsnap (which is super simple) and now, I will play with the bells and whistles in the PhotoExpress to see what I can accomplish in my photos.  I'm not likely just yet to purchase the telescoping lens.  If I do that I will just invest in the DSLR and bring my photos to the next level.. For now, I'm going to stick with my fancy point and shoot and my phone.


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