To find Clarity

This post could be really long as I have a lot of thoughts on Isolation and the seeking of clarity, the importance of being comfortable being alone and understanding true loneliness - finding yourself within the loneliness and discovering the secrets of who you are - who you truly are, what your greatest desires are away from the world.  In my own journey this is one of the most frightening parts of the exploration into connection.  

Finding connection with ones self is much more difficult than finding connection with others and with the earth we live on. 

Time alone - isolation - is so vital.  How can we know how to properly live our lives if we are uncomfortable on our own?  How can we know how to be in our community when all we do is surround ourselves with others and their thoughts?  How can we know the song of our own soul if we never enter a space to hear to it?  Believe me, the song of your soul is so loud it is just muted by the busy and noisey world we live within.  But, once you've learned to listen to it - gotten truly alone and overcome the fear of loneliness you can't ignore it.  It is painful and it is beautiful and it is all life should be as it is your greatest guide.

The best part of learning to be alone is learning how to use what you learn about yourself when you return to the rest of the world.  There are people who discover the peace of separating themselves from the world and pretend like it doesn't exist.  Personally, I prefer to take spaces - retreats - to get clear on matters of my heart and then be an active part in the world in a way that makes my soul shine and helps me feel fulfilled as well as contributes to those around me who do not yet remember what I do about living and loving..

How do you find Isolation?

From Outside Magazine: To Find Clarity, Break Away From Society


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