The night sky for April

I was sitting by the fire last night enjoying the last of the winter nights we will have here.  I was gazing up into the sky, not really thinking about much of anything and there was a bright star I don't normally see - or least not one I think I normally see.  One of the goals I've set for myself this year is to gaze at the stars more often and to spend some time connecting to the heavens.  Naturally, like all good modern humans I whipped out my smart phone and pulled up my stars app and there she was.. Jupiter.  In her size and magnificence.  And, then being the over achiever I am drawn to being I went inside to find more about what is going on the heavens this month.  

This article from National Georgraphic says there is a lot going on up there this month.  (It's a little later in the month I know - I missed some cool stuff too - but there are still 21 more days to go!)

Jupiter Looms Large and 9 More Can’t-Miss Sky Events in April

Now, when I'm out there gazing up and those far off places you can be too!


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