Negative Emotions Are Key

This article from Scientific American is pretty interesting.  As I, personally, delve more into the arena of being okay with all of my emotions while also taking note of the patterns that trigger the emotions that cause me to feel less content with my life I have deeply come to appreciate sadness, frustration, and especially anger.  I have come to give thanks for the opportunities they give me. I no longer perceive any of my feelings as negative.  They are all positive and lead to a richer and more bountiful life. That seems like a win to me.  When I am feeling emotions that make me uncomfortable I am asked to look at what is causing this dis-ease and then act accordingly.  Maybe someone is out of integrity and needs to me told so.  Maybe I am not feeling heard.  Maybe I have stories about how things play out and I am reacting on past experience..  How I respond is ultimately up to me as well as when.  I just have to accept the consequences and learn.    And, where that takes me? Who knows..

Currently, where it is leading me is into a life where things are a resounding 'yes' or simply no and a new found freedom of accepting that I am an introvert who has been trying to be an extrovert for a very long to please others.  Clarity of allowing anger in and spending some time looking at it.  Also, letting relationships that do not hear my needs, feel like they value me, or support my heart's song go.. As I learn to work with the anger that I have felt and feel I find new layers of peace on the other side of it.  I learn to breathe a little deeper and turn away from that which causes me anger - not denying its existence as it has its own journey too, but turning my energy towards that which brings contentment and understanding.  Moving away from that I do not want and towards that which I do desire.  Negative Emotions Rock.

Negative Emotions Are Key to Well Being from Scientific American


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