A little dirt never hurt

My entire life I have been a lover of dirt.  As a little girl my favorite thing to do was make Mississippi Mud Pies and cover myself in good ol' Georgia clay.  To be sure, my parents were pretty patient considering I was robbing the garden regularly of dirt and dragging the water hose out into the yard.  (Baths were a common occurrence in the evening after dinner.)

As an adult I still have a love of dirt.  My sweetheart loves nothing more than thinking about making the soil in our garden richer and healthier.  Our garden is our happy place.  

Today's article is about Soil Microbes.  There is research on a certain microbe in the soil that acts as a natural anti-depressant.  Really, that's over simplifying it, but there is potential evidence that this particular microbe makes you more relaxed and happier.  I look forward to hearing more about this as the research.  Irregardless, gardening does make me more joyful and content in life.

From gardeningknowhow.com:


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