The Age of Awe

Jason Silva.. 

This young guy.  I'm glad he has all the free time he does to make his video series 'Shots of Awe'.  He often says what I am thinking.  Though I don't always agree with him as he still has some lifing to do he certainly is tuned in, paying attention, and wanting to spread some goodness in the world - he is doing is exactly what he is talking about in this video.

We live in an age of information.  It is at our fingertips every moment of every day.  Literally.  We can press a few simple buttons and very likely find the answers we seek and get lost in billions of worm holes of information.  That is so cool to me.  

I take pictures of things I want to identify with my phone when I am out wandering, I am an avid 'googler', and I have a few too many identification apps.

People often ask me about you tube videos I have seen and I seldom watch you tube unless I am looking for a talk by Alan Watts, some inspirational beauty, or it pops up in one of quests for information.  I would rather be doing something - like be in my garden, reading, writing, making things, wandering, meditating, rather than looking at facebook or twitter or any of the other social media platforms.  (I definitely use them, but I have control around them now and how I use them works for me without obsessively going back to them all the time - it did take some work as I most certainly fell into being addicted to it).  

What I love about this video from Jason Silva is the acknowledgement that we have this information and we are all connected.. So, what if we used this connection and put information out into the media spheres that makes the world a more wholesome place?  That's what I am making an effort to do with the blog and my earth photos.. Why not?  What if we shared the beauty of what we love with another more boldly more proudly..

I was with a dear friend who collects crystals.  She was showing me her favorites and telling me the stories of how she came to have them in her little room.  There was such excitement in this.  She was so filled with passion that it ignited an interest in me about stones and crystals and they stories they hold.  Now, when someone around me is talking about rocks I listen closely to learn.  I haven't started my own collection, but she certainly created inspiration in me by sharing this passion with me so freely.. She shared her Awe.  Yes, we were not on devices, but much of her research came to her via emails of workshops she attended by people who were putting their passions into the world and through the contacts with collectors of beautiful stones.  

Let's share this age of awe together and share what we love and our passions and curiosities with one another and change the world.

Jason Silva: The Age of Awe


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