Beneficial Bees

I am pretty fascinated by bees.  I tried a couple of summers ago to identify as many species in our garden as I could.  I can't tell you how many identified and I probably couldn't tell you who was who now.  What I did learn is that there are way more species of 'bee' than I ever imagined.  I did already know there were a lot of species who are important beneficial bees for both pollination and predation, but there are WAY more than I realized.  Even the hateful yellow jacket is an important species in the woods and the garden..

As summer and the season of insects has arrived before you spray you gardens and swat at the bees.. Birds and Blooms can help you identify 5 Beneficial Bees You Want in Your Garden - I only knew two of the 5 so I've got some homework also and none of them are yellow jackets or honeybees (though they are also important)

5 Beneficial Bees You Want In Your Garden


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