The Quiet Songs of the Trees

Have you ever listened close enough to hear the difference in the sound of the wind blowing through a maple tree and the same wind blowing through an oak tree?  

Or the sound of the leaves as a chilly winter wind damp with a coming rain make its way through the golden leaves of the beech still holding on to its leaves impatiently awaiting the gentle turning of the season towards the spring...

Have you ever listened to a sour wood that grows snake like towards the sun let just a few leaves go in the fall under the rustle of a squirrel running across to get to the acorns in the oak that haven't fallen to the earth yet?

Have you leaned against a tall pine tree lush in pine cones filled with seeds ready to drop just waiting on the right moment? When a strong wind comes through causing the tree to squeak in its sway and suddenly dropping one, two, three, four.. pine cones all at once? And the sound as they hit the ground rolling their job done?

Have you gotten quiet enough to hear a tulip poplar offer nectar to passing bumble bees?

The trees have the quietest of songs and some of the most important songs of the earth.  They fill in the gaps of the birds, and the insects, the wind, and the rain..


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