Wet Web

The rivers and the creeks are up.  

The precipitation seems about as relentless as my cough.  

The woods are quiet - not even squirrels or chipmunks are out.  

A few days ago I googled where birds go when it rains... I had my suspicions but wanted to confirm.  Like us, they try to stay dry and warm, and like us, they reach a point where they just have to get out to survive.  Guess I'm going to have to get out and get bird seed they like if I want my friends to come back - if the sun ever shines again. (I am probably one of the few people still not minding the rain - please don't hate on me) 

A cool fact I didn't know is that birds have an oil on their feathers - it's not even enough to be a drop.  It repels water so their down doesn't get wet.  Birds are so cool.

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