This Car Climbed Mount Washington

A beautiful and long overdue trip with some of my dearest friends. I forget how easily time slips away. Thank goodness these relationships are ones that time has no hold on - it is as though time doesn't even exist. Love is shared without an expectation of becoming or being someone different than who any of us naturally are. These relationships are real and not built on false ideals, idealism, or through some false perception on what friendship and community is; nor is it built on social media - we invested our hearts a long long time ago to accept one another as imperfect humans with great dreams and gifts.  We saw light and truth in one another and made the choice to be and stay invested in the outcome of how our lives move separately through the ether of time and space. Because of this, these and a few of my other relationships stand the test of time and distance. For these relationships I will be forever grateful.  These are REAL relationships, real community, real life - distance doesn't define them, maintenance doesn't define them, and my real friends - my true community (both near and far) do not seek to have their needs fulfilled through my actions and my choices. We are not dependent on one another.  Love defines how we live.  Who I am is ALWAYS enough because they truly see the flame of God within me and I see it within them.  I am so grateful for the these brave souls - for knowing what they needed to do for their lives - there is great bravery in stepping away for their lives and their families. I have learned much and have had some powerful clarity about my own life (and no, we are not running away to Maine - yet).

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