Quiet Moment


I think of quiet moments

Of silent moments

Of moments within moments

Most every moment

I think of the ways

The space

And span

Of time

Are held within

These precious moments.

I listen for the well concealed


That echoes

At the center 

Of time.

I pay close attention

To the way the squirrel walks

To the wood thrushes

Fluteful song.

I have to be alive

To be held

In silent moments

Of presence.

I have to hear

The beating

Of my heart

And witness my blood


Like the vibration 

Of the cicadas song.

I have to feel

My lungs

Full with the breeze that blows

The waves of the water

Up on the shore.


Fail to represent

That which I experience

In the quiet moments

In the moments within the moments

I think about.

~ Sarah Hubbard 6/4/16