Burrowing Bee

Every season has a theme in my life.  Something I am fascinated with.  

Fall I love the changing of the leaves, the shift in the breeze as the canopy looses its grip on the wind, and the migrating birds.  

In the winter my focus shifts to the mammals, trees, and the gatherings and movements of the winter bird guilds.  Mammals wander further making their medicine is easier for me to understand.  The trees stand tall and proud and sing the winter song of stillness.  

In the spring, when the light changes, my fascination shifts to the warming earth, the stirring of the seeds, the chase for the first leaf, and watching for the first juvenile birds of this season.

Summer brings the flowers, the sweltering heat, and the insects.  

So much medicine to be learned each and every day - and in every season...  

These burrowing bees have thick yellow hair on their back legs to catch the pollen.  They, like most bees live in colonies.