I want people to say about me 

that she wrote

she created

she never stopped


through words what the spirit revealed to her.

I want them to say

Even if the words were not theirs

Or her ways were not theirs

She still wrote.

She still shared her heart.

I want them to say

that the echoes

of her spirit

rang from the canopy of trees,

she was held in the light of the sun

she was carried on the breeze that blows

invisibly over the surface of the earth.

I want them to say

The birds sang their morning songs

outside her window

beckoning her to join them in welcoming the day.

Her days were wrought with action

with loving

with living

with all that she had...

I want them to say:

She loved the earth.

She loved her man.

She loved her children.

She loved her life.

I want them to say they saw me...

Because they saw it within themselves.