End of the day

The final days of summer are upon us. 

The cicadas song starts earlier each day vibrating above the quiet notes the birds share with one another. 

The male cardinal has raised his brood of three - they will leave the nest soon. 

Each morning just outside our window he sings to the neighborhood of his beautiful young ones getting ready to leave the nest.

"Look at my babies.  Look how they have grown!" 

The juveniles are still scruffy looking.

Dad doesn't mind. 

Together, the family of 5 (with mom in tow) travel the land searching for food. 

Mama glides silently behind them hiding in the canopy - holding the space for them if they were to need her.  She chips to let them know where she can easily be found. Dad shows them where the best places to look for food are.

They are a good team - mom and dad.