Orb wevaer

...A Manifesto for Today...

I have a desire to speak my words

To say the things I feel

I see

I experience

I have a desire to be heard

Listened to truly


While I speak my words

Even if they are hard to hear

Or unwanted

Or uncomfortable...

I have a desire to release the fear

Of sharing my human experience

And the concern I feel in my heart

For my fellow humans

And I want to do something about it.

I have a desire to share this experience

Beyond the circles of comfort

Beyond the bubbles of like minded people.

I have a desire to truly understand

What it means to be you

What it means to be them

What it means to be us

What it means to be me

I have a desire to be truly different

And the same at any moment

And for that to always be enough

Because no matter what I do

I give

my best.

I have a desire to open my door to the world

To come out of the depths

of all trying to be the same

and instead

to be one with all and celebrate our differences.

I have a desire to join hands together.

Not in love

because love is no longer enough...

Let us come together in understanding

That we are all different

Our needs are not the same

How we arrive to this place is from alternate ways

And various histories

and experiences.

Let us embrace that

rather than scorn it.

We are not on a journey.

There is no magical path for us to follow.

We are here.

This is our experience.

This moment.

Let us congregate.

Join hands.

Share words.

Let us unite our experiences

For our children

For nothing more than the satisfaction of today.

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