Live each season as it passes;

Breathe the air,

Drink the drink,

Taste the fruit, 

And resign yourself

To the influences of the earth.

~ Henry David Thoreau


God speaks in the sounds of perfect stillness.

His language is held in the vibration of light.

His words float aimlessly on the air

Carrying the poetry of all that is.

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Stillness is breathing deep

Answering the call

of the heart.


is soaking in the breeze

on a hot summer day.

Stillness is the present moment

with all your thoughts

running through your head

while feeling relief

-even for a moment

from all it takes to survive.

Stillness can be found

on the drops of dew

that cling to the earth

when the air passed over it

its movement lit only by the moon.

Stillness can be learned

by watching the clouds

easily drift across the sky

with no predetermined destination.


is a state of expansion

beyond the thoughts held within the mind

beyond the strategies for surviving.

Stillness is the space

between the thoughts

allowing the thoughts to come and go

without attachment.

It is seeing thoughts as manifestation of our experience as humans.

It is practicing moments within moments.

It is practicing subtle quiet spaces.

It allows us to be the clouds 

and release

expectation and need.


is being on the path,

Floating easily

with no destination.

It is not work.

It is arriving.

Wherever you are.


Learning from my tree teachers...

In the fall we must drop our leaves and stretch our roots.

In the winter we must stand in the stillness so that in the spring when life is filled with possibility there is nothing extra holding us back from stretching onward towards the sun.

Our journey is to find the light that seeps through the canopy,

grow with the resources provided to us by the earth,

absorb the vapor of the air.

We must stand tall and be willing to bend when necessary.

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Grape Hyacinth

Meandered to the tree house this morning and as I settled in all was quiet.

As I sat I longed to be under the feeders in the yard. So, I moved and it was awesome.

With birds coming and going...

Flocks of different birds moving magically through the air...

Air under the wings of the chickadees...

Towhee calls, cardinal song...

Wrens beginning to build a nest

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