I spy with my multi-dimensional

Birght blue eye



Sometimes, simply by sitting the soul collects wisdom.

~ Zen Proverb

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Dragonflies are wickedly out of this world.

They can see in every direction.

They can even fly upside down and fly backwards if they need to.

All four of their wings move slightly differently -  their speed and the way they zip through the air.

They are powerful and masterful hunters who are dainty enough that they can practically float on the surface of water.

Very little gets past a dragonfly - they are almost impossible to sneak up on as they can see in almost every direction with their honeycomb eyes;

yet, they just as easily choose to land on you between flights.

They live through all four seasons and go through a dramatic change to become these miniature flying miracles.

I watched this one eat a leaf hopper this morning.