Hang tight little collard. I didn't even get to clip any of your leaves yet.. I know today is the first day of spring but, ...

First Frost

With the rising of the sun I awoke to our first glimmering frost catching the first rays of the returning light.

2016-12-21 08.47.22-2.jpg

Pistol and stamen

When this flower blooms

the Summer Tanagers song returns to the canopy

for the summer

to their home in the pine tree.


When I was in college these flowers among many other small flowers stole my heart.

They never give a great show.

They are humble little plants.

They hide are under the bigger more showy plants in the shade.

And yet, every year just like they did so many years ago when they finally burst with these little pink blooms they stop me and invite me to bend down each day and enjoy them for the very short time they bloom.

Epidmedium Rubrum


Today there was a Pine Siskin in one of the bird baths.

On a whim I slowly walked over to it to see how close I could get.

I talked to it as I approached it welcoming it to the garden.

When I saw it was unafraid of me I slowly held my hand out and slid it right underneath it. Very easily shifting it from the edge of the bird bath into my palm.

It sat in my hand calmly for about 15 seconds and then flew off.

There was no fear in me and no fear that I sensed in it.

What I felt was utter acceptance that this was where we are.

We share this space together.