Little Fire

Don’t think. 

Thinking is the enemy of the creativity.

It’s self conscious, and anything self conscious is lousy.

You can’t try to do things.

You simply must do things.

~ Ray Bradbury



The monotony and solitude of a quiet life stimulates the creative mind.

~ Albert Einstein


Purple Basil

And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.

~ Shel Silverstein



I live to walk in our garden. Rain or shine. It lures me out of bed.. wondering what is blooming, what has stretched, what is ready to leave the plant, who feeds on what? Will the zinnias ever burst? What's taking the watermelons so long to grow? Will the potatoes rot before we get them out of the ground? How does a winter squash grow so big?? 



Most days when I wake I hit the floor moving, doing, working.. I like this about myself and my life. I feel engaged with my life when I am busy with good things. I feel like my life has purpose when I am doing. And I am thankful for the moments of pause and wonder in a life filled with so much. Today though, it's cloudy.. and the garden is still for moment in its growing. The bee balm has opened, the tendrils on the cucumbers know where to wrap themselves, the beans are picked, and the nasturtiums stretch. This morning, I rest. I drink my coffee, watch my bird friends, and lazily knit a sweater for the fall that will soon follow today's arrival of summer. 

Happy SummerSolstice