Rising Up

I’ve been at this nature thing for a few years now. Making the time to find moments and tend my sit spot practice.. and life is life and so my moments have gotten shorter and shorter as summer waned and fall began. Squeezing in 10 has been - let’s say challenging?  The last two weeks I’ve been making the time in the mornings again to get outside and join the chorus welcoming the light of the sun. I’ve been striving for 30 minutes and feel pretty satisfied with the 20 I get. This morning the doves were chasing out what I think was one of their babies. It’s time for he or she to go find their own neighborhood. 

And, at work I’ve got a mystery bird in the swath of green behind the building.. the more I tune in at home the more I tune in elsewhere. Funny how that works.


Leo?? Maybe??

We now have three bull frogs in the pond. This one showed up a couple of weeks ago. I can’t say for sure but size wise he’s about the right size to be Leo.  When we are watching one another he feels familiar to me.. makes me wonder where he’s been and why he came back.. 



And.. with the wind.. came a new friend.. yet to be named.. his mama and siblings are gone.. so little and so sweet. We will raise you up and let you back out into the wild when the time is right. For now, welcome to the family.



I call him Barry. He is not even as big as a pinky. I find him every evening on the okra in the same general area. I'm not sure if I go to the okra every night to pick it or if I go to find my little friend.. doesn't really matter. I am always grateful for his company.



How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?

~ Rumi