Who is who?

All of my childhood I wanted a bullfrog friend. My mom brought me tadpoles two years that yielded the bullfrog I call Leo. This year, there are three bullfrogs in my small pond. Two are always together and this one is always alone. I no longer know who is who. Last year I could tell them apart due to size. This year, they all look the same. I love having them as neighbors.


Who is who?

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.

~ Alan Watts


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With the time change and a lot of other changes finding longer moments happens on the weekends.. thankfully, most days this little strip of brush and trees is full of birds. I finally get to hang out with a mockingbird, an eastern phoebe, some towhees.. the wrens really hate the cats.. and today.. finally the white throated sparrow stopped in for a visit. 



This spot is one of my favorites on the trail when I ride. It is obviously overgrown but it is teaming with life. There’s a towhee family in here, wrens, Brown thrashers who alarm everytime a bike comes by (I imagine they don’t get a lot of rest when folks are getting off work). I’ve seen a great blue heron in here, goldfinch, heard the flickers tonight and some downy woodpeckers... man I do love a shrubby and overgrown edge.


Green Heron

Clay Pit Pond sometimes calls to me. Many weekend mornings I wake and go outside to listen and visit with my bird friends. Very subtly through the molecules of air I hear the ripples of the kingfisher and smell the waters edge.. I know I have to go. I trust the sun will shine over it joyfully today.  Thankfully, I almost always have the good company of @dirtpunk to go along with me. When we arrive and the kingfisher calls, the beaver gives a good tail slap, and the heron flies I am so grateful for my life and the connection to the earth around me.. How can I not be when green herons are my neighbors? I mean.. look at it!