Maple Seeds

To see things in the seed, that is genius.

~ Lao Tzu


Not Leo

Leo the bullfrog has left the pond, but now there's two new bullfrogs. Things change. We don't always understand the change or want the change, but it is always there.. as much as I enjoyed Leo I'm very excited to get to know the two new bullfrogs who have moved in.


At The Top

Eating the seeds of the Mexican sunflower.. thinking nobodies watching.. I was..

Look how it is holding on to the stem with its back feet.

Juvenile Mourning Dove

I've been watching these birds all summer and here's one of their babies that seems to have fledged before it was ready. Generally, I don't handle birds. I chose to pick this one up to see if there was anything wrong with it.  There wasn't so I put it back where we found it. Hopefully mom and dad will come back for it. We did feed the cats so they would be distracted while we wait for mom and dad.


When I consider the critter who left this behind I wondered how long it was there...

Did it take the acorn from the leaves in the garden? Or did they come from a tree in the yard?

Looking at the spot it seems like a pretty good vantage point from the place this rock is in the yard...

Does it eat here often? Or have I just missed it?

I hope it was a yummy acorn... 

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