This little patch of earth is the greatest paradox in my life. I long to wander and explore and commune with this precious earth - to see her beauty in all her corners.. to find myself amongst the wild things.  Simultaneously I live for the flower season, for vegetable season, for butterflies, hummingbirds.. warblers, nests, spiders, and snakes.. I long for my back to ache from spending time with the plants that grow here and my hands to be rough from the dirt that clings to my pores. I long for the complexity in a silent starlit night and the symphonic satisfaction of cricket song.. The buzz of bumble bees and the yellow of black eyed Susan’s.. I long to bathe in mountain streams and crawl under the mountain laurel smelling the moss and damp earth.. and watch my little plants grow to become food for my family and medicine for my soul.  My nature is both nurturer and individual - wanderer and hermit.. seeker and finder.. lost and found.. settled and restless.. I am all all the emotions and all the labels. I do not fit in a box nor do I fit in a circle..


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Across planes of consciousness, we have to live with the paradox that opposite things can simultaneously be true.

~ Ram Dass


Predator and Prey

The hour of departure has arrived and we go our separate ways, I to die and you to live.  Which of these two is better only God knows.

~ Socrates



The river is a wonderful place to clear the mind.  

It's a powerful reminder of the impressive strength of water.  

Water wears away rock.  

Water flows the path of least resistance with force and majesty.  

Water fills the space that it is held within in balance and when there is too much of it for this space it over flows its banks and seeks new spaces to fill. 

No matter where it flows it always seeks the path to where it can flow the easiest. There is no work because there is no effort, but a lot of power.  

Water ambles, it seeps, it roars.  

It moves.  

It carves holes in stone, tadpoles grow within it, and you can put an arm all the way through it.

Even when water is still and not flowing like a river it still moves by being absorbed into the air.

 Water - when needed changes course. It always goes where the path is easiest.

Water... is adaptable.  

Water... is constant.

It is the perfect paradox.


Spiders Web



A great paradox

Of strength



In flashes

Of sunlight

And only

On the


of breezes.

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