Saturdays in the garden are my favorite.. chickadee and cardinal babies, wasps, bumblebees, hummingbirds, and dreaming of the meals we will cook from all that grows in there.

2017-05-27 17.25.30-2.jpg


Hang tight little collard. I didn't even get to clip any of your leaves yet.. I know today is the first day of spring but, ...


On my 40th birthday my friend Carl gave me this plant. Plant giving was a common theme between us and Carl. Our garden is full of plants he gave us and his garden was full of plants we gave him. My 42nd birthday is just around the corner.  Carl has left us and so there is no more plant swapping, but his love of plants, his life, and our sweet memories we shared thrive in our garden. 


Dreams are the guiding words of the soul.

~ Carl Jung

After the Rain

Reading from Botany in a Day by Thomas J Elpel... 'In a crude analogy, you might say that spore plants are like the reptiles that lay their eggs and leave, whereas seed plants are more like mammals that gestate the eggs internally and give birth to a partially developed being. It is a tactical advantage for the seed plants as they are way ahead of the spore plants when they reach the soil.' And now, my head explodes into wondrous thoughts of time and space and reality...

And there was rain.