God speaks in the sounds of perfect stillness.

His language is held in the vibration of light.

His words float aimlessly on the air

Carrying the poetry of all that is.

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Wren Babies

Today marks 200 days in a row I have intentionally spent time outside doing a 'sit spot' - connecting with nature.

The ways I am different are countless.  

What I have learned thus far is a gift that is difficult to fully put into words.  

My mind has become quieter - clearer - so I can hear God in everything and in all moments.  

My spirit has let go of so many old ideas, stories, obligations, and shame.  

My walk has become softer to match the truth of my heart.  

Words escape me more than they find their way through my mind.

I see so much is said when sometimes silence and stillness are all we need. 

I have come to understand the only moment is what we have right now.  

How I give to the moment is up to me.  

Who I show up as in each moment is up to me.

Who I am today is not who I was yesterday.  

Who I will be tomorrow is not who I am now.  

Like all that spins I am constantly changing and growing.  

Reaching for the sun is work.  For that, I am grateful.  

And when I forget all of it, I forgive myself for my imperfections and for that I am also grateful. 

For all the beautiful little things that reveal themselves to me each day a little bit more I am grateful.  

To the birds who trust my presence, I am grateful.

 For the beautiful gardens and forests and rivers I get to roam I am grateful.

 For the breeze that passes over my toes, for the sun that pulls me upward,

and for the Earth that holds me closer, I am grateful.  

For this practice I am grateful.  

And for life I am grateful.


This is stillness

I close my eyes.

I face the sun

And breathe


Phoebe calls

Pine warbler trills

Cardinal song fills all other space.


Still drifts close to the ground.

Air will rise 


As Earth rotates

And revolves

Reflecting the light

Of the sun

A little more closely

Each moment

Warming everything

A little more

Turning ever onwards

In the journey...

I close my eyes

I breathe deeply

I absorb

The light 

Of the sun

On my skin.

I am alive.

With the Towhees song








Even when it's pouring...

Even when my heart is breaking...

And I think there can be no more...

there is light...

There is always light...

It peaks through the cracks...

It reflects off the drops of rain that will eventually fall to the saturated earth...

Sometimes I have to look for it...

Sometimes it stares me straight in the face...

Thankfully, it is always there. 

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Learning from my tree teachers...

In the fall we must drop our leaves and stretch our roots.

In the winter we must stand in the stillness so that in the spring when life is filled with possibility there is nothing extra holding us back from stretching onward towards the sun.

Our journey is to find the light that seeps through the canopy,

grow with the resources provided to us by the earth,

absorb the vapor of the air.

We must stand tall and be willing to bend when necessary.

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