I live to walk in our garden. Rain or shine. It lures me out of bed.. wondering what is blooming, what has stretched, what is ready to leave the plant, who feeds on what? Will the zinnias ever burst? What's taking the watermelons so long to grow? Will the potatoes rot before we get them out of the ground? How does a winter squash grow so big?? 



One dies as one lives... Once that starts to fall Into place, then the question is how you use the moment to moment experiences of your life as a vehicle for awakening.

~ Ram Dass

Long Creek

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one and precious life?

~ Mary Oliver

The Life of a Tree

The real question is not whether life exists after death. The real is whether you are alive before death.

~ Osho


Irises are my favorite of all flowers. A beautiful thing about irises is you always know when you are looking at one and yet they are all different and express themselves in their own unique way. What if humans learned to do that truly? To be beautiful? To love themselves and be free to bloom with all the markings, colors, and beauty possible? Would we still question and hurt one another with judgements and stories for being our unique selves? Would we fight for our place in the garden or just be?