The Beautiful Ordinary

The way we see the world shapes the way we treat it. If a mountain is a deity, not a pile of ore; if a river is one of the veins of the land, not potential irrigation water; if a forest is a sacred grove, not timber; if other species are our biological kin, not resources; or if the planet is our mother, not an opportunity - then we will treat each one with greater respect. This is the challenge, to look at the world from a different perspective."

~ David Suzuki




Settling the mind is not the same as stopping the mind, the same way lying down is not the same as dying.

~ Chade-Meng Tan


Club Moss

Full of gratitude for family, change, and simple things.

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House Finch

This is the first year we've had house finch move into the neighborhood.

He's got a lovely lady and they've got a cutie of a babe who calls and begs all day.

I love them.

Bath Time

When I started sit spotting I almost always sat in the woods because I wanted to see coyotes and Hawks, foxes, deer and raccoons. I was completely entranced at the thought of the special lives I could meet in the woods.  

Now, I sit mostly in our garden or yard which ever you prefer to call it.  And though I do still love seeing coyotes and other more 'exciting' mammals, the truth is that I love this little titmouse above them all.  

Every evening just at dusk this male makes his way to this bird bath (and we have more than our share of them). He hops right in and plays in the water.  He doesn't just bathe.  He sticks his beak in and saunters around the edge splashing his wings in the most delightful and playful way.  Joy exudes from his almost weightless body.  His joy for this moment draws me in every single night.  

How can I be anything more than happy when a bath in an old bowl brings this little titmouse unending delight? 

It really is the simple things, isn't it?

I imagine he is raising babies in this season of his life.  This brief check out from his responsibilities seems like it is probably the happiest moment of his day.  His babies are fed and tired from flitting around the big world all day avoiding everything that wants to eat them.  Every night upon his arrival I picture him waiting impatiently for the sun to reach just the right place in the sky when he can 'Zhweeh' his mate farewell and take his short sabbatical in the bird bath.  His 5 minutes of satisfying joy.  


This is connection.