Day 365

It is difficult for me to believe I have arrived at this moment.  This day.  In my mind it is incomprehensible to me that 365 days have flashed by me.  There are have been so many moments of profound beauty.  There have been so many moments that are indescribable and the photos I share with you all don't do the connection - the relationship - the justice it deserves.

So, what do I share?  How do I tell you what this has meant in my life and what will I do going forward?  

Going forward is easy, I will continue - every single day - because it helps me be the person I want to be.  It keeps me connected to my personal power source and the source of all.  The lessons are immeasurable and they have been worth every moment I give to them.  

Not every moment has been easy.  Not every day a cake walk in the light.  Most days I have to make the time to make it happen and in a busy life filled with work, kids, and everything else life has thrown my way I have had to make myself many days go outside for even five minutes which turned into hours many times. 

The return was ALWAYS worth it.

There has been rain, rain, rain, and more rain.  Not only from the sky, but from my eyes as it washed away pain and grief.  Rain that seemed like it would never come to an end and yet it does with glorious blue skies and canopies filled with beautiful bird song.  Rain that brought a garden to life in the spring.

Trees have fallen and seedlings have emerged.  Coyotes and deer have passed me by unknowingly. Raccoons and chipmunks have become dear familiar friends.

I have seen earth fall into her natural slumber and witnessed her awaken in all her gloriousness.

I have felt the winds from all the directions and seen the destruction they can bring.  I have felt the sweetness that same moving air can offer on a hot summer day.

I have watched tender plants emerge from the earth, grow into strong beautiful flowers, offer the nectar of life to bumble bees and butterflies, and then set seed for the year to come.  

The birds... of course there are birds.  There have been so many birds.  I have sat within flocks of birds, watched the cardinals raise their babies, left offerings of food for the wrens, and I have come to know a titmouse who loves baths.  I have stood by the wren as she sat upon her precious speckled eggs and observed the sweet budding romance between the mourning doves.

I have traveled to rivers, climbed mountains, laid upon the earth watching the moon rise and the sun set.  I have gazed into the heavens to count the stars and looked into the grass to chase down an animal hair.

And, with the changing seasons I have changed.  As much as the forest is a part of me I have become a part of it.

I have learned the echo of true stillness and silence and the lessons to be gleaned from being comfortable being alone - or seemingly alone.

This is what my 365 days have been.

These have been some of my moments of connection.

This has been the journey.

Tomorrow, the sun will rise again and I will continue to join the wild things and learn from them.


She's busy with the last brood she'll have this year. She has been taking full advantage of the freshly filled bird feeders. I can't say I blame her.