The dispersal of juniper seeds is effected by the plum and cherry plan of hiring birds at the cost of their board, and thus obtaining the use of a pair of extra good wings.

~ John Muir


Falling Leaves

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.

~ Alan Watts



The world is but a canvas to our imagination.

~ Henry David Thoreau




I’ve been waiting and watching and waiting and watching for this old tree to fall. For years it stood decaying where it stood.. held by the limbs of the tree beside it. This tree became a metaphor for much of my life. I walked past it and would debate pushing it over and instead I waited because intuitively I knew my two hands were not meant to control its time to fall to the forest floor. This tree was so dead, so rotten, that even birds would not make their home in it.. and yet it stood.. winds blew and it stood.. rains came and it stood.. ice, snow, heat, and hail.. it just held on.. until now. I feel myself rejoicing as once again it’s metaphor - it’s story is not lost on me. I will say beyond a doubt I am glad to see the hole in the Canopy this tree has left. Sayonara old friend. Let the new saplings grow! Thanks for the medicine and teachings about holding on and knowing when to let go.



Although the tree in the middle looks barren of leaves it has found a way to grow with its feet deep in the muck of the pond.