We can't push away the world. We have to enter into life fully in order to become free.
~ Ram Dass


He returned to the same spot over and over today to eat. Each time he circled around the tree the same way made sure no one was watching (I was) and proceeded to eat upside down. 


I spy with my multi-dimensional

Birght blue eye



Look closely at this Sulfur's proboscis and how it drinks the nectar from the Mexican Sunflower.  

That must be the most divine flavor there ever was.

...Oh to be a butterfly and be carried on the wind drinking divine nectar...


Bumblebees leave a scent behind on flowers they visit so other bees don't waste their time on flowers that have already been touched.  Scent marking reduces the time a bumblebee spends looking for a flower with nectar making them really efficient pollinators.  


Simply brilliant.