Final Window

This project has been on hold for a long while - almost a year.  We put the project on hold for both monetary reasons and because we needed to get our garden fully functioning for us both. Dirtpunk and I have vastly different gardening styles.  Figuring out how to get both of our needs met in the garden.. well, we'll just say the process took most of last winter and our garden is better for it.  We got our beds set up.  We got a solid game plan that we have now implemented and are raising food almost year round - not enough to yet live off, but we get closer with each harvest.

Putting this project on hold has been well worth it.  

But now, as winter is here again, there isn't a lot we have to do - yet - for the coming Spring (I know it is just now winter, but a gardener is always thinking ahead). I got enough money for Christmas to get pretty close to finishing it..

As a little girl I always dreamed of having a tree house - a place to be out of the rain where I could read my books and day dream.  Now, I want a tree house, out of the rain, where I can write my books, my poems, my thoughts.. and hopefully by the time Spring rolls around this year we will be finishing up the inside with Cedar milled from tree that had to come down from some family land.

Technically, my tree house isn't a tree house as it is not attached to a tree, but it is up in the trees.  Most of the wood is thus far recycled.  Though we did have to buy enough board to finish up the outside.  All of windows are recycled and 4 of them open to let the breeze and sound into the space.

Yesterday, my sweet heart and some dear friends installed the final window.  Now, we can complete the closing it in process.  Even as I write this my sweet heart is out cutting the wood panels to finish closing it in.

What color should I paint it when it's all done? Or should I?

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